Apr 26, 2015

Creating a time lapse with gopro and ikea kitchen timer

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My setting for the GoPro is 1 picture each 2 seconds for a 360° timelapse; This will result in a video of 1 minute.

If you want to make a partial timelapse (180°), take 1 picture every second

I glued the bottom of the kitchen timer on the removable spare shoe of my tripod, and on the top I glued a GoPro mount.

I used this:

Ikea Ordning Timer, Stainless Steel

For the timer to signal, wind it up by turning it clockwise half a turn
Never turn the timer counter-clockwise as this can damage the movement
Designer: IKEA of Sweden

Price: $16.99

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Velbon EX Macro 3-Section Tripod with 3 Way Pan & Tilt Head/QR Plate

Maximum Extension: 22.17 inches
Folded Length: 11.06 inches
Minimum Operating Height: 7.99 inches

Price: $59.95

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Velbon QB-4LC Quick Release Platform

QB-4LC fits Tripod: 400, 5000, CX-430 CX-440, DF-10ML, DF-40, T-3500 Videomate 400

Price: $14.95

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